Today morning Temperature: 10°C/50°F Sunshine: 20% Freezing level: 3000m
Today afternoon Temperature: 13°C/55°F Sunshine: 50% Freezing level: 3000m
Sunday Temperature: 18°C/64°F Sunshine: 90% Freezing level: 3200m
Monday Temperature: 8°C/46°F Sunshine: 20% Freezing level: 1900m


The morning will bring a mixture of clouds and sunshine with maybe one or two showers. In the afternoon, the sun will come through.


For tomorrow, the weather maps promise real “Sunday weather”. We can therefore look forward to plenty of sunshine. It would be nice if the fantastic weather continued for another few days, but the current high will start to weaken as early as Monday. Weather systems will move into our region. Showers will ensure temperatures drop.